This is Ryo-oh-ki. Her name has been spelled so many ways in romanised characters it's not even funny. But here is her name in Kanji! It's very silly for something so cute to have TWO kanji's for 'DEMON' in her name, don't you think?

Ryo-oh-ki is an Anime character from a Japanese Animated Series called Tenchi Muyo!

Cute, isn't she? That's because she's a cabbit; half cat and half rabbit. So what kind of noise does something like that make? She 'Miyahs!'

So what's her deal? Well, she plays multiple roles in the series named for her: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Oh-Ki. In the sci-fi comedy, she serves as comic relief as a cabbit, but she is also a multi-purpose shape-shifter! What does she shape-shift? Into a space-ship of course! What else in a sci-fi series? But it wouldn't do to have just two things to shape-shift into. She can also shape-shift into a three-year-old version of herself, and a more mature version of herself with wild blue hair similar to Ryouko, her "Big Sister."

Whats the deal with Ryouko? Wanna find out more?
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This is just sad!! This is the first part of the page I decided to put back up, and so I decide, 'Hey, it's ryo-oh-ki.net, people are gonna be looking out for cabbits mostly.' So I went surfing for some links to put up here of like minded web sites. So where do I surf first? The domain names, of course. What do I find? . . . . .

Ryoohki.org, ryo-o-ki.com, every dang spelling that's been concocted I tried as a web domain to give you surfers something else interesting to feed your curiousity, but all I found in these wannabe sites was crap! I found three commercial sites, one personal page which had nothing but a picture of three cats taken out of focus, a network for anime site which for some reason didn't have an index of hosted sites there (That or they didn't have anyone), a comics sales site who already had a domain but grabbed a ryo-oh-ki type domain to hit up the anime people (they had jack btw), a weird site with nothing but odd program applications, and other such drivel.

This was absurd! Am I the only friggin` Ryo-Oh-Ki type domain that actually tries to have something to do with Tenchi Muyo!, or anime and manga in general!?!?

Well, about the only places that actually had something to do with the domain I list below here:

WWW.CABBIT.COM  Formerly the 'Cabbit Circle' this site now goes under the name "in Anime"

As for anything else in domain names that looks like Ryo-oh-ki, you should stay away!! I'll try to dig up some more for you later, but right now I'm just vexed.