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Much of what you see on the domain is borrowed material, and it's borrowed for different reasons depending on the specific material. Most of it appears as fandom and is used without permission. Here is a specific listing of who's what. It may be a bit incomplete, so refer to the original sources.

RYO OH KI: as the character form is from TENCHI MUYO! < AIC, TENCHI COMMITTEE, PIONEER ENTERTAINMENT USA used without permission for fan purposes only.

RYO-OH-KI.NET: as the domain is property of TJ HAMILTON, and the contents except where mentioned otherwise are exclusively mine. Not to be used without permission in any way, but if you want something, I'm reasonable. EMAIL me.
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here is where I thank alot of people either A> influenced me, or B> influenced the production of

yeesh, where to begin.

oh yeah. Hi Mom! Hi Sissy!

Thanks to everyone else who supports me and Colliding SYmphonies in our endeavours to promote our artistic expression and exposure.

Uh. . .lets slap down some names, in no particular order.

GT Hamilton
Eimi Nagakawa--`nuff said guys

Sensei Jim LaRocco--My Martial Arts instructor, who has shown me more about life than ways of the body and combat. I'll start showing up for class more....
Amir Oren--Close pal, someone who can understand the value of the fairer sex, and the havoc being a fan-boy brings.
Anand Raoh--another good friend, excellent fanfiction writer, and member of CSY and FFIRC
Damon Casale--one of my most important former staff associates for FFIRC. Without him, FFIRC would not have run.
Dave Eddy and MAS--for giving me free stuff! Frequently! Also a great assist when slapping down story ideas.
David Greenwald--one of the many Dave's in my life, he fills the thankless staff position in FFIRC that I would be truly lost without. I hope everythings okay on your end.
Harry Fitz--when brute force is needed, don't call for Harry. :)
Joseph Palmer--...who also gave me free stuff! And a talented story writer as well. Thanx for supporting FFIRC.
Rumiko Takahashi--for giving me my first taste of foreign comics in Ranma1/2.
Master Angi Uezu--for giving his life to the art of Isshinryu and its traditions.
Jingoro--for letting me bum music vids from AWA.
Todd Hill--lots of noise for this man, with an undeterminable patience level. He has given me a great deal of lee-way and resources for FFIRC's desposal, including an ML and run of a server. Oh yeah, he writes a mean fanfic, but terrifyingly slow.
Keener Barnes--nice right hand to have, unless you hand is carrying sharp objects. BTW, keener, where is my title page? oh here it is. . .nevermind
Casey Atkins-- Half of my Anime/manga material is borrowed from Case, who helped with Eimi to get me interested in Anime. Don't worry, Case. If you're missing something, I probably have it.
Artificial Suns--music videos exraordinaire. Hi Matt! Matt Wagner will hopefully have a page here soon.
David Schenbeck-- '. . .no dark sarcasm in the classroom. . .' A fellow gamer who longs for the good ol days. He helps crank out reviews in the video games, and the DragonBall section, pending
Jim Davis--for giving me the benefit of Garfield the cat.
Johnny Carson-- we miss you Johnny. .
Jackie Chan
Bruce Lee
Robin Williams--by example, he has shown me the meaning of 'dynamic range.'
Sarah "washu-chan"-- She draws a kick-ass cabbit shirt, and is an all around cool acquianance, whenever she bothers to talk. :}